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City Vs Country

City VS Country

Australia is a continent of countless investment possibilities. Tandem 54 have match property owners and portfolio enthusiasts with houses, flats, units, villas and more across the mainland. The City Vs. Country question often comes up in initial consultation, as experimental investors turn their eyes to the other side of the fence and wonder, what if?

What makes the city the place to be, and why can’t some savvy buyers go past the natural splendour of our native flora? Let’s take a quick look through the why’s of each category.


Wild flowers and trees. Land as vast and as far as your eyes can see. The soothing sounds of mid-morning bird calls can enrapture even the most hardened city slicker, but before you take a trip to the country side of Australia, keep the following in mind:


Large Lots: Be tempted by a simple large family home on a hectare block right up to an address where the neighbours are 45 minutes away.

Agriculture: You may a) work the land in some way b) act as a benevolent custodian or c) rent or even sell to someone keen to make a life inland. Country Australia is the centre of many export industries. Revenue to the investor can be generated through rental return or agricultural dividends.

Choice: Keen to support the Australian dairy industry? Maybe you’d prefer to try your hand at shipping? Country and rural property allows the buyer to establish real ties to real business interests.


Return and success is dictated by the health of the industry you’ve invested in, the condition of the property and the potential climatic hazards that may affect property condition, crops, livestock and saleability.


Winding paths, bright lights and people, people everywhere. The city concerto is not peaceful, it does not end each day with a drop of sweat and a plume of dust; instead, it’s loud and exciting, it rarely closes and units, townhouses and suburbs hem in the nucleus of trade and culture. Living and investing in the city can be addictive and very rewarding.


Growth: Australia has a multitude of cities and major regional hubs, each with its own personality. Unlike the US or even England, our cities are sprawls, where suburb developments shoot up in the most unexpected places. Like water, steady capital growth always finds a way.

Infrastructure: Sealed roads, transport networks, internet, reliable electricity (or a choice of providers), shopping precincts, consumer havens, giants of industry and trade. Cities possess the infrastructure and opportunities owner-occupiers look for and potential tenants need.

Variety: Live in a house, a terrace, an apartment, a unit, a townhouse or a villa – don’t be limited to something too big or too old. Cities boast a range of dwellings; Tandem 54 search out the best of these and deliver them to your discerning eyes.


Competition: The investor/tenant ratio in some cities can lead to difficulties in a competitive market. Emerging cities, like Brisbane and the Gold Coast, hold healthier investment capital.

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