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Experienced Investors

You’re familiar with the Australian and international markets, spying on boom town developments and browsing real estate aggregators. You may be a collector or a second home buyer; you’ve been through this before. Real estate agents do not inspire trust or embody transparency; they tend to live in the small print. You’re experienced, comfortable and demand superior service from your selected agency.

The Next Level

Tandem 54 develop and cultivate beneficial investment partnerships with experienced investors just like you.

You don’t need us to tell you how your portfolio investments play off each other or where the market is heading – what you do need is the experience and confidence of an established property investment firm like Tandem 54.

Our Promise. Tandem 54 will deliver:

  • Further insight into relevant market trends across a broad spectrum, depending on your interests and ambitions.
  • Immediate response to enquiry. Your satisfaction is our first priority.
  • No stale mail outs or property lists – each property is selected according to a very strict criteria. Don’t waste your time on scrolling through inferior listings.
  • A broad range of properties that will complement your portfolio and expand your investment presence.
  • Realistic advice, delivered in a prompt, professional manner. No bull no fuss, only complete transparency and privacy.
  • Strong relationships with reputable builders and developers. A source of high standard stock based on your singular needs without delay.

The Bottom Line: High value property listings – unbeatable service – unrivalled expertise and ongoing support, all tailored to your portfolio.

Put yourself first. We do.

Contact Tandem 54 today and watch your portfolio flourish.

FAQ's & latest investment ideas

Newly Built Properties – The Best of Both Worlds


The benefits and downsides for purchasing both established properties and off the plan properties has been widely documented for many years in the real estate world.  There is currently a trend to reap benefits of both worlds by purchasing a property that is brand new and already built. One of the biggest ticks is that being

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Newly Built

Can I Afford An Investment Property?


  You’ve spent years building up enough equity, but when push comes to shove, you’re still asking yourself the question: Can I afford an investment property?

Tandem 54 can i afford Ip