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Buying First Investment Property

Buying an Investment Property for the first time can be confusing. You’ve looked around the internet, picked up a few keywords, talked to a friend or two and nailed down the essential questions you need answered before taking the next step.

It feels natural to research and compare agencies and purchases – you’ve always played with the idea of having your first investment property interstate, but it feels too risky. Too unknown. So you stay local, settling instead of reaching for the next level.

New to property investment? Buying first investment property? Find your next level with us.

Tandem 54 remove that risk. Forget borders. Forget not knowing.  We answer every question you have jotted down, half-formed or barely there; we are up front on costs, processes and quality, tailoring our advice to suit your unique set of needs. Our experience is your tool and we will help you harness it to the benefit of your bank balance when buying first investment property.

Our Promise. Tandem 54 will strive to deliver:

  • Prompt consultation – We will dispel any concerns, address any questions and deliver personalised advice according to your needs and wishes.
  • Value driven discussion – We connect clients with quality investment properties in various locations throughout Australia.
  • Guidance – You will not make the “wrong decision”. We are renowned for customer orientated service – you will be walked through every step, from start to finish.
  • Value & Quality – Every property on our list reflects our commitment to excellence and value. Feel secure in knowing we would not sell you a property that does not meet our standards as leading property investment advisors. 

But What About Shares and Stocks?

In a post-GFC climate, the market has re-geared itself toward strong property trends – residential ownership consistently delivers reliable returns and steady growth. Trading in numbers is a go big and lose everything kind of business, while property has proven itself to be a continuous source of capital for savvy Australians.

Bottom Line: Continuous capital generates a healthy portfolio – and it could be yours!

Start Now. Call the Tandem 54 team and build your future when buying investment property in Australia.

When you are considering purchasing your first investment property, whether as a first time investor or as a means to diversifying your existing portfolio, it’s wise to call upon a reputable property investment specialist. Saving you precious time and money, a call to Tandem 54 Properties will put you on the right track. They guarantee to offer an invaluable service, sharing impartial advice and offer you a range of carefully selected properties that best suit your financial situation. Tandem 54 Properties are Australia’s favourite property investment specialists. Here’s why.
You’re familiar with the term, finding a needle in a haystack? Well that’s what Tandem 54 do for you. In fact, they are so experienced in the real estate industry that they will only offer clients a very precise selection of properties to choose from.Each property listed by Tandem 54 as an investment opportunity must first meet a strict set of requirements. Furthermore, the location of the home, market trends and rental potential are all scrutinised, so that the options made available are only the best in the country.With a network of trusted local connections and a wealth of experience in the property industry in cities all around the country, you will get inside knowledge about an area that you’ve got your eye on and you’ll acquire the true facts about the streets, council planning and opportunities for growth before you sign on the dotted line.
When you expect nothing but the best, you can be confident that Tandem 54 will not disappoint. All investment properties available for purchase are brand new or under construction, giving you the chance to purchase off the plan and save even more money. In addition they are all quality assured, affordable and in line with your personal financial situation. Properties will be in an area that offers you capital growth and only built by reputable builders in the industry. That’s quality you can rely on.
Whether you are buying first investment property, looking to expand upon your portfolio or seeking a property interstate as a means to diversifying your risk, the team at Tandem 54 has all your bases covered. The level of guidance provided is tailored to your individual requirements, so there’s never a silly question or a chance for you to feel uncomfortable when buying an investment property. Your unique requirements are their priority.
Hunting for the right property can take time. Tandem 54 understands that. From the moment you register your interest or get in touch with the Tandem 54 team, you’ll be offered a no obligation, free property investment consultation. Their service does not just end there. Property experts will discuss a range of investment opportunities with you and if you are in need of financial advice or support, they will put you in touch with a financial team ready to answer your questions.
And when you are ready to move on buying investment property, you’ll be supported right up to the point where the sale is finalised and settlement completed. Tandem 54 will also help put you in touch with the most experienced, and professional property management agency to help going forward. Long-term support is all part of the service.
Yes, that’s right! You are not charged a cent for Tandem 54’s service. Not only are you offered a no obligation initial consultation, but also you are guaranteed to receive personable, trustworthy advice and access to a network of trustworthy financial advisors whenever you need them, all for a zero service fee. And with service like that, it is no wonder Tandem 54 Properties has a plethora of clients who rave about them and the quality of investment properties on offer. Word of mouth is very important in this industry and it’s very fast becoming the reason for return clients and why they have built such a strong reputation over the last 24 years.

Enlisting the services of a property investment specialist is a smart idea. It can take a lot of time working out the right questions to ask and sorting through the range of information offered however if you work with Tandem 54 Properties, you will save time and only receive the solid answers you seek.It’s a huge decision purchasing property so there really is no room for mistakes to be made. You will gain inside knowledge into growth areas and get access to quality properties with growth potential. Securing your financial future by investing in real estate is rewarding and very much in your reach.

Tandem 54 Properties are Australia’s favourite property investment specialists. It’s pretty clear why. Don’t you agree?

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