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Personal Investment Consultation

Tandem 54 are dedicated to guiding every client toward a healthy and value driven portfolio. Our free Personal Investment Consultation is the first step in our comprehensive process, developed to satisfy your needs, curiosities and questions.

Boasting over 24 years in personal investment consultation, the team at Tandem 54 are equipped to clarify your position in the market, discuss your investment objectives and clearly define strategic goals, no matter the extent of your ambitions.

What Happens During an Investment Consultation?

Every client is treated to a personalised insight into the current property climate, honing in on areas of interest and exploring the efficiency of careful property selection – we only recommend properties that will compliment your existing portfolio and future goals.

Is That All?

Tandem 54 have packaged this free service to include the following perks – you won’t get the same service anywhere else for $0:

  • Insider knowledge on investment trends.
  • Hints and guidance to help you avoid dead ends and dud investments.
  • Assistance and advice to see your investments pay off!
  • Have your burning investment questions answered.

And remember, Tandem 54 offer a no-obligation service – meaning you can walk away with the information and expertise if you’re not 100% confident in our ability to match you with the perfect property for your portfolio.

Book your FREE no obligation Personal Investment Consultation now!

FAQ's & latest investment ideas

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The benefits and downsides for purchasing both established properties and off the plan properties has been widely documented for many years in the real estate world.  There is currently a trend to reap benefits of both worlds by purchasing a property that is brand new and already built. One of the biggest ticks is that being

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Can I Afford An Investment Property?


  You’ve spent years building up enough equity, but when push comes to shove, you’re still asking yourself the question: Can I afford an investment property?

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