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Property Investment Advice & Tips

Everybody has an opinion on the property market – newspapers, websites, blogs, realties and big-shot agents with more words to burn than sense.

The Tandem Pillars of Investment

Sorting through opinion, even when it sounds qualified, and subtracting the misinformation can be an exhausting and frustrating experience for the investor. You just want solid answers.

Plan Ahead

Future-proof financial security. Start looking beyond curating a hobbyist’s collection of housing. Instead of juggling one or two mortgages, think strategically and pay off those debts by expanding your portfolio, creating freehold properties to generate rental income.

The “Right” Location

While there are trends and forecasts, they don’t hang around forever. A diverse portfolio, set across a variety of different locations, states and suburbs holds the least risk, increasing return potential.

New Properties, Less Problems

New houses, apartments and townhouses are easier to cash flow because they are not demanding. Everything is in working order, pristine and waiting for an owner/occupier or tenant to move in. Upkeep is minimal and maintenance sporadic – costs are statistically less in the first 5 years.

Curious About Our Process? It’s Simple and Effective.

Stage 1.  Register your interest

Complete the contact us form to get in touch. Our friendly property consultants will then contact you to discuss our range of investment properties and identify your needs. Alternatively, you can phone our office on (07) 3861 9853. 

Stage 2.  Our No Obligation, Free Property Investment Consultation

Our property experts will go through relevant property investment opportunities and highlight our proven property investment strategy.

Stage 3.  Finance

We will direct you to a great team that we work with, providing you with a free, no-obligation finance service.  This enables you to confirm your financial borrowing capacity and to source a suitable lender.

Stage 4.  Assess and secure your desired investment property

Our team can match you to suitable and profitable selections, according to our valuation of a range of property investment options appropriate to your specific requirements and finance needs; or this can be based on your own preferred selection from our available property listings.

Stage 5.  Finalise the sale

You can place a final sale contract on the property and secure it as your own; you will at this time arrange your suitable financing with the help of our Finance Experts. A proposed settlement date will then be agreed upon and the final sale realised, or, if its an off-the-plan property, you will be informed of an estimated settlement or completion date.

Stage 6.  Settlement

To ensure a smooth transition to settlement and completion, Tandem 54 Properties will keep in regular communication between you, the property developer, builders, financial and legal institutions during the entire process.

Stage 7.  Property management

Tandem 54 will assist in ensuring that the best suitable agency is organised for your property.

 Make sure you get the right advice, prompt service and an experience to remember…you’ll soon be coming back to us. Contact Tandem 54 today for your no obligation consultation!

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