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How We Select Properties

Tandem 54 perform rigorous quality checks of every property before it hits our website – our investors deserve the best Australia has to offer, profiled according to suburb, location, market activity, rental yield, projected return, demographic, trends and a range of factors relevant to discerning investors.

Our Criteria:

New & Quality Assured
All Tandem 54 advertised properties are to be newly established or off the plan.  Occasionally, we will offer second-hand investments should we feel it meets the remaining criteria and possesses a great investment opportunity. To ensure your satisfaction, fittings and fixtures need to be of the highest quality.

Properties are to be affordable and in line with their location and market positioning.

Capital Growth Areas & Positive Rental Yield
We strive to select properties in areas of growth and high demand, with supporting infrastructure and development. Additionally, properties must offer a positive rental return and yield.

Reputable Construction
All Tandem 54 advertised properties must be produced by a known reputable builder, widely noted for their craftsmanship, reliability, established reputation and trustworthiness.

Turn Key Ready 
All properties Tandem 54 list must have the level of finish to be immediately tenanted upon settlement.  All you need to do now is rent it out.

FAQ's & latest investment ideas

Newly Built Properties – The Best of Both Worlds


The benefits and downsides for purchasing both established properties and off the plan properties has been widely documented for many years in the real estate world.  There is currently a trend to reap benefits of both worlds by purchasing a property that is brand new and already built. One of the biggest ticks is that being

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Newly Built

Can I Afford An Investment Property?


  You’ve spent years building up enough equity, but when push comes to shove, you’re still asking yourself the question: Can I afford an investment property?

Tandem 54 can i afford Ip