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Our Story


In 2004, Geoff and Nicole identified a compelling opportunity for a targeted investment solution.  After lengthy discussion, a lot of planning and considerable research, Tandem 54 began life offering property investment advice for new build or off-the-plan homes.

The Beginning

Geoff and Nicole unveiled Tandem 54 under a self-managed banner, addressing the lack of customer service in an industry driven by bottom lines. Nicole’s experience in the classroom, coupled with a substantial service background, added a new dimension to Tandem 54. This customer-centric outlook became the Tandem 54 signature – comprehensive, no fee customer service.

Taking Off

Over the years, Tandem has grown and evolved, diversifying into new ground and geographies, establishing lasting relationships, and honing a reputation of excellence. The list of developers, builders, financiers, legal practices and supplementary businesses grows by the day…

Geoff and Nicole serve clients with the same professionalism, skill and knowledge they themselves would expect of any real estate company, upholding the highest standards and hiring only the best staff.

Why We Do What We Do…

  • We love it – We wake up every morning determined to make a difference in your future. Property investment is the best way to secure your retirement and live comfortably when full time work is behind you.
  • We live it – Our collective experience is extensive. Our staff cover everything from administration to marketing. Some people are takers and others are givers – Tandem 54 are givers.
  • We want others to love it too – There’s nothing more rewarding than helping somebody expand or start their property portfolio. That feeling of empowerment, the sensation of excitement and the realisation that yes, I do have an asset, it’s difficult if not impossible to replicate.

If you’re look for advice for any new property investment, then please do get in touch. Although we have strong knowledge and connections across the Australian market, we do have a particular strengths within property investment in Brisbane, property investment in Toowoomba, property investment in Townsville and property investment on the Sunshine Coast.

If you love what you read on our website, just wait until you talk to us! Call today on 07 3861 9853.

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